Hiking gear is expensive. If you want quality hiking gear that will hold up in the great outdoors, it feels like you have to invest a ton of dollars up front. I remember being brand new to hiking and not owning a single piece of equipment, so my first purchases added up to over $500.00. I did some research but I didn’t really put the energy into finding ways to save a lot of money. There were tons of articles online that showed me everything I needed so I just trusted that those were the items that I had to get. I’m here to tell you today that you DON’T have to invest your life’s savings on hiking gear, especially if you’re just starting out. Unless you’re doing a massive trek through the backcountry or putting yourself in a situation where you’re relying solely on your gear to keep you alive, there’s no need to spend everything you have on equipment. Finding hiking gear on Amazon will save you so much money upfront if you’re just starting out!

The Gear



Your pack is the first piece of gear you’re going to want to invest in for hiking. Because we’re talking day hiking, you should only be carrying the absolute essentials, e.g. water, snacks, an extra layer, sunscreen, and camera. Look for a pack that’s super light while offering enough support and preferably is not more than 20 L. The typical pack costs anywhere from $80-150 dollars. This 18 L Amazon pack is $41.99 CAD and is an absolute beast. The pack is the perfect size for a day hike.  The pack has a 2.5 L water reservoir which is stored in an insulated compartment. I love that the pack has a waist belt which is is super convenient for storing snacks. Additionally, the large compartment is great for carrying extra layers.

Reusable Bottle

Hydroflask, Yeti, and Klean Kanteen are all trendy drinkware companies at the moment for good reason, your water stays cool and your warm drinks stay hot. Although these brands have become increasingly popular in the outdoors scene, if you want a solid insulated bottle at a better price point, Amazon has you covered. This Bogi 17 oz double walled insulated bottle is a great reusable hiking water bottle. You can’t beat the $14 CAD price and the bottle does the job by keeping your water cold all day long. Don’t pay for branding. Amazon has great options for insulated water bottles.


Depending on your hike, you might want to consider investing in hiking poles. Avoid heavy hiking poles and look for some that can be easily stowed in your pack. The Black Diamond Carbon Z poles are the ultimate hiking poles because they are light and collapsible but come with a hefty price tag. These Nacatin Trekking poles from Amazon are a great budget alternative. The poles are adjustable, compact, and will keep up with your adventure.

Rain Cover

There’s nothing worse than a backpack full of damp items so rain covers are always good to have on hand just incase. Depending on the brand, raincovers can go all the way up to $60. Amazon has a plethora of quality raincovers for under $20.


When it comes to leggings vs hiking pants, 98% of the time I choose leggings to hike in. I like that they aren’t bulky and wick sweat easily. These 90 Degree by Reflex leggings are so cheap but have the quality of Lululemon leggings.

Polarized Sunglasses

Say goodbye to overpriced Ray-Bans and hello to polarized glasses from Amazon. With hundreds of reviews you can be assured that these Carfia polarized glasses will hold up on those sunny day hikes. There are tons of brands to choose from but Carfia’s glasses are stylish and durable.

Athletic Tops

It’s so nice to hike in a sweat-wicking relaxed fit tank. These tanks are perfect for your next day hike. The tank tops come in a pack of three and you can choose your colour palette as well!

Rain Jacket

A quality GORE-TEX rain shell has a time and a place. For day hiking, it’s not necessary to invest your money into a $400.00 rain jacket when you’re starting out. Your best bet is to pack a lightweight rain jacket that you can carry with you in the event that you get some unexpected precipitation. The Lomon rain jacket from Amazon is a great waterproof option. The jacket packs easily, is light, and will actually keep you dry if there’s light rain.
Hiking Shoes
These Merrell Women’s Siren Edge shoes are a great find on Amazon. With good ankle support, these lightweight hikers offer comfortability all day long on the trail. The best part? These shoes are vegan friendly!



You might be wondering why a headlamp is necessary for a day hike. It’s always important to have a headlamp on you just incase you’ve lost track of time and you’re losing daylight. Having a headlamp in your pack is always a safe bet. A good headlamp can cost up to $60.00. These Amazon headlamps are $15.00 and the come in a pack of two! The lamps last up to 45 hours on low and 3 hours on high. Additionally, these headlamps are weather and shock resistant.